Postpartum Doulas

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Thank you for taking a look at our Postpartum Doulas. Should you wish to gather more information please head over to our Postpartum Doula Services page for more information and to submit a request form. Occasionally you may have the opportunity to meet one of our awesome Postpartum Doulas at our monthly Meet the Doula Night as well as Placenta Encapsulators, Birth Doulas, Birth Photographers and more.


Sabia is a full spectrum doula, educator, reproductive justice activist, future home birth midwife and founder of, For The Village, an organization that provides accessible and affordable doula services with a focus on marginalized groups in San Diego County. She offers educational workshops about black maternal and infant health crisis, self care for birth workers, as well as other topics. Sabia is open to new opportunities that are aligned with her path.  I love working with all families, regardless of race, economic status, gender, sexuality or culture. 

You can contact Sabia here.





Skyelynn has years of experience as a nanny, and as a children’s gymnastics coach. She took numerous Child Development courses while getting her Bachelor’s degree at Sacramento State, and did her Postpartum Doula training through CAPPA. She has a love for babies and a passion for helping new moms and the family during the postpartum period. Skyelynn has a warm and welcoming demeanor, and as a certified life coach she embraces the philosophy that there’s no one right way – which makes it easy for family members to feel comfortable opening up to her and trusting her with their questions and concerns. Contact Skyelynn here.






We are actively seeking to bring more postpartum doulas in to our doula collective. If you wish to be a part of our collective please email Krystah at