Postpartum Doulas

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Candace Hallak

As a mother of two beautiful kids I am on this journey beside each and every new parent. After working for about 4 years in a nearby emergency department my heart was ready for a new venture. I transferred to Labor and Delivery and instantly felt so uplifted. I strive to deliver a holistic approach to postpartum care to ensure every client gets the calm and pleasant experience they deserve. Every day changes with postpartum work depending on family size and dynamic. I am on hand to do whatever the parents need to enjoy each minute they can with baby. A large part of the role of postpartum work is breastfeeding knowledge and care, newborn care, and making sure the mother is very comfortable and happy in her surroundings. As a lactation educator counselor, breastfeeding provides mothers and babies such a bonding experience I absolutely cherish. I also am very interested in getting partners involved in breastfeeding relationships so no one is left out. My number one priority for new mothers and babies is safety. I have been hopeful to decrease the amount of postpartum depression in our area of San Diego by helping and assessing new mothers who are using my services or reaching out for help. My heart belongs in the postpartum world and I am so happy to be a part of it! Many blessings to you and your journey!