*In the best interest of the babies, it is not permitted to practice yoga at Nature’s Whisper Yoga with placenta previa.  Please email us @ for further options.

Yoga with CHILDCARE*

Enjoy your own practice while your little one plays yoga in the Kids Space  next door with a qualified PlayCare coordinator.
Childcare is offered during the first class of the day, and select prenatal classes, 7 days a week and mirrors adult schedule. $7 per child + regular class fee for parent.

*Children are not permitted IN the yoga class but are available to parents’ care at anytime in the room next door.

Age of child?  We recommend indulging in your postpartum period for at least 6-weeks, though infants & children of ALL ages and stages are welcome.

Daddy’s Welcome!

Hot Mama (Prenatal) Yoga

This is a Prenatal Yoga class. All trimesters/all levels welcome. Women of all rhythms welcome. It will include either a modified Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) or Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations). We will focus on opening and prepping the hips for birth, diastasis recti prevention, pelvic floor stability, increasing strength and flexibility in the legs, back & arms, opening the heart and creating space in the body for your growing baby. We will also go over using breath and sound for birth. This class is a great way to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy but also to connect with baby, work through the changes taking place in your body and to bond with other pregnant mama’s.

*This is not a heated yoga class.


Buddha Baby Yoga

Connect with your baby while connecting back to your body. 20 minutes of baby yoga and massage for digestion and the remainder of class is focused on mom or dad.

All levels/All stages of babies.

Age of child?  We recommend indulging in your postpartum period for at least 6-weeks, though infants & children of ALL ages and stages are welcome.


** class is prenatal accommodated**

Vinyasa Mama (or daddy)

All Levels Vinyasa Flow – this is a mom or dad focused class with baby in the room. We will work on increasing your flexibility, strength, and mind/body connection through breath with movement. Babies of all stages and ages welcome in the room during practice.

** class is prenatal accommodated**

Mellow Flow

Gentle Hatha Flow – Enjoy the benefits of Hatha yoga at a slower, more restorative pace. Using breath to guide movement through longer holds. Great for all levels. (prenatal accommodated)

** class is prenatal accommodated**

Hatha Flow

All levels Hatha Flow – Variations on the Sun Salutation are often used as a warm-up, followed by balancing poses, a standing sequence and then seated poses. As in all Hatha classes, relaxation (savasana) ends the class. Flow-based Hatha yoga builds strength, endurance, and a strong focus. (prenatal accommodated)

** class is prenatal accommodated**

Energetic Flow

Challenging Hatha Flow – In this class, physically you will sweat and sweat expels toxins and re-energizes your body. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body. You will move on the breath (flow) between asanas (postures). This class usually includes arm balances and inversions. (advanced prenatal practitioner accommodated)

** class is prenatal accommodated. Strong practice recommended**

Prana Vinyasa

Prana Flow is a dynamic flowing yoga class with a focus on breath initiated movement that promotes harmony in the mind, body and soul. Leave feeling activated, and nourished.
Open Level class – various stages will be offered to suit all levels of practitioners.
** class is prenatal accommodated**

Spirit Flow

Spirit flow yoga will guide you through meditation, breath work, sun and moon salutations. You will hold asanas for periods of time to strengthen the physical body while finding the deepest possible connection to the energetic and spiritual. Push past your boundaries to release the spirit within. Find love for you and the world. You will leave with a deeper concentration, enhanced meditation, restored energy and health.
** class is prenatal accommodated**

Restorative Flow

Begin class with a deep flow building the fire slowly as you transition to long deep holds of postures. Ending class with deep relaxation.

** class is prenatal accommodated**

Yoga for the Back

Yoga for the Back is a gentle therapeutic (all levels) yoga class designed to support spinal health. In this class we will focus on proper alignment as well as creating space in the spine, hips and legs to promote optimal spinal health. We will also learn variations, modifications and how to use props to support a safe and healthy yoga practice.
** class is prenatal accommodated**

Release & Renew

This 60-min level 1-2 flow class focuses on breath and movement to help you release the day and week leaving you feeling renewed for a great weekend!
An optional 15 minute silent sitting meditation will be offered immediately follow svasana, for those wishing to extend an integrated, balanced state of mind, and to facilitate a smooth transition.
** class is prenatal accommodated**

Kids Yoga

Support your little yogi in achieving an active and healthy lifestyle through self-regulation, body and breath awareness, attention/focus, self- esteem, motor skills, social skills, language and communication, creativity/imagination, etc. Your little yogi will flow through this yoga class in a playful and lighthearted way while following a traditional structured yoga class. Learn yoga through music, movement, games, stories, etc. Dress in comfortable clothing for movement. Bring water and yoga mat, if you do not have one we have a limited number available you can borrow.

Ages: 2 years old and older  **Caregivers must remain on site for duration of class.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga with Aromatherapy and Sound Healing. During this 75 min. Yin class, practitioners hold poses for 4-6 minutes releasing fascia and programming within the muscles using relaxation and breath work. It is a meditative class diving deep into the commitment the practitioner has to themselves, their breath, and their intenti

** class is prenatal accommodated**