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Water reflects the boundless movement, change, and opportunity to embrace the blessings that new life brings. Nourishing the sacred evolution that is parenthood is an honor as a birth professional. Ceniza values the path of the childbearing continuum with grounding support and sought out birth doula training with DONA in 2012 and is currently a senior student midwife completing clinicals at Birth Roots Health and Maternity Center in San Diego, CA. She holds the ‘Fourth Trimester,’ the several months post birth, of critical importance to the vitality of the family. Intention is placed particularly into the timing of postpartum visits that correlate with hormonal fluctuations and baby growth spurts. In addition to the doula course of support, Ceniza offers traditional faja belly binding and postpartum sealing ceremonies. This work is complimented with studies in Botanical Women’s Medicine with Aviva Romm, MD. Ceniza is inspired to cultivate resilience and empowerment for parents by teaching techniques for optimal fetal positioning, offering nutritional and herbal consultations, and integrating ancestral knowledge with evidence based care. To date Ceniza has attended over 100 births in home, hospital, and birth centers and maintains certifications in CPR, neonatal resuscitation, shoulder dystocia, and placenta encapsulation.


     Ceniza was introduced to the art of love-based individualized care by apprenticing with a Swedish Midwife in 2010. Since then, she has had the privilege of gleaning knowledge from indigenous healers and considers the passing of knowledge to be a truly reciprocal gift to future generations.. Ceniza has also experienced first hand what is at risk for families who do not receive the type of care that puts them first. This is what called her to birth work. The experiences of inadequate care felt by families far and near  fuel Ceniza’s desire to provide a heart-centered approach by holding space and highlighting the importance of continuity of care as a doula and future Midwife.


     Ceniza is committed to sustainability within the birth sphere but also for the community at large and enjoys working on permaculture projects which include gardening, medicine making, fermenting, and creating on all levels. Art is infused in all that she does and you may find her kayaking in the ocean, at a local museum, or enjoying the occasional espresso.


     The birth of her daughter Azalia, affirmed the power of having a birth team that is trusted as well as the path of the birthworker. Ceniza’s labor was quite fast and without the help of skilled midwives, and the wisdom of the newborn- Azalia may have been born in the car. Azalia was born with her hand above her head, almost as if to say ‘Wait! Mama and I are not ready yet!’ Ceniza has learned to be grateful for the little and sometimes glaring messages that babies communicate to us. Azalia was exclusively breastfed through challenges and nursed for a total of 2 years. Ceniza loosely uses attachment parenting, and has experience with cloth diapering, baby wearing, baby led weaning, ‘unschooling’ and holistic styles of parenting.


She is fortunate to walk in life with an amazing partner who  trusts the process of birth work and as such, knows that this is a lifestyle of always being on call for the network of families transitioning into parenthood. Ceniza has occasionally brought Azalia to hangout with the ‘Special Doula Babies’ as she calls them, and loves to hear that a new being was brought into the world for her bedtime story. Ceniza is available for any estimated birthing time including holidays, provided she is not booked for that window.


Charges $800 and offers a 10% discount to first responder/educator families

Is able to take 2-3 clients per month

Is willing to work holidays

Ceniza has experience with



Water Birth

Home, Hospital, Birth Center Births

Spanish speaking

LGBTQ+ Families

Bed Rest

High Risk

Induced Labors

Over 40

Plus Size Mothers

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Premature Birth


Single Mothers

Surrogate Mothers

Special Needs


Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Rural Birth (away from home)

Ceniza also offers

Placenta Encapsulation

Belly Binding

Postpartum Sealing

Herbal Sitz Bath & Yoni Steam Bath

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