Birth Doulas

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    Krystah Smith

Birth Coordinator Nature’s Whisper

As a veteran, military spouse and mother, I hold true that I am me before anything else. You will often hear me say to care for yourself before anyone else. I am currently studying Alternative Medicine (graduation 2018) with plans to attend Nizhoni Midwifery Institute in the Winter of 2018. As of September 2016 I  completed training and licensing in Mamalates which has a core focus in Diastasis Recti. In fact, I feel so strongly about birth work that I am always adding to my education. I completed my Certified Infant Massage Instructor training in January 2017. My most recent training and certification in Spring of 2017 was with Nature’s Whisper Studio as a Hot Mama Prenatal & Buddha Baby Yoga Instructor. As a doula I have been thoroughly trained with Dona International with leading Child Birth Educator Stacey Scarborough, Sacred Pregnancy and have attended well over 60 births to date. Obviously, for me being a birth doula is the most rewarding and empowering thing that I can do with my life. When delivering a baby, you transform into a woman who bares her soul. You become the strongest and purest form of you. Being able to witness such raw beauty is breathtaking. Being there to look you in the eyes and tell you that you are doing this and that you are doing it exceptionally well is my calling. This is what I was meant to do. I keep the space whole and light, so that when you are ready to breathe out the next baby you want me again as your birth doula.

Allison Vanos

A San Diego native who was called to birth work after spending the better half of a year farming in Hawaii and Northern California. Passionate about our food system and women’s health is only seemed natural that Allison be attracted to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Allison serves women all over San Diego, and loves getting to know families as they grow and transition into parenthood. After training with DONA, Allison volunteered at a hospital and in-hospital birth center to gain experience attending women in labor.  This volunteer opportunity taught Allison how to serve many families and exposed her to a variety of birth plans and philosophies. Allison’s experience varies from high risk hospital births to low risk home birth and everything in between. She enjoys learning and is currently in school to become a Licensed Midwife. As a doula Allison is kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable and loves learning and working with growing families.

Amanda Hawthorne

Amanda is a DONA-Trained Birth Doula and Certificated Lactation Educator/Counselor providing services to San Diego women through pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, and beyond. Amanda first began her life as a doula providing volunteer labor support at a birthing center in Davis, CA. There, Amanda worked with women and families to support their diverse birth plans and respect their diverse backgrounds. Amanda has always felt called to serve women and families and feels grateful to be a part of the San Diego birth community. She’s a self-proclaimed birth junkie who’s taken classes covering such topics as breastfeeding, rebozos, Spinning Babies, and more. She has a Bachelors of Science in Human Development from the University of California, Davis. Having spent several years as an HR Manager with a Professional in Human Resources certification, Amanda can also help you understand your rights to time off and accommodation for birth, baby bonding, and breastfeeding. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys exploring all San Diego’s wonders, whether hiking Torrey Pines or checking out a new craft brewery – many times with her dog in tow. Amanda looks forward to learning how she can help empower you to have the birth experience you desire and support you and your family during this precious journey.

Emily New

Growing up among a peaceful forest in Portland, Oregon, my summer days were often spent working in my mother’s garden. I would watch as she tenderly nurtured her seedlings everyday, watering, weeding and trimming the buds for what seemed like forever. The anticipation was almost unbearable until suddenly, the first bloom emerged and the feelings of awe and accomplishment swept over my body. These experiences and feelings I had as a young child embedded in me an appreciation for the humble and slow process of life and I took it upon myself to try to live with nature as my guide, especially in regards to healthcare. I believe that both massage therapy and doula work allow me to live patiently, enabling me to nurture and cultivate relationships with people while providing them relief from the stresses of everyday life. I have been practicing massage since 2012 and am certified in Pre & Perinatal massage through courses taught by Carole Osbourne and Kate Jordan, both leaders in the field of pregnancy massage. I have also been trained in deep tissue, StrainCounterstrain (positional release), sports massage, injury treatment, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. I took my DONA approved doula course in 2014 and have been attending births ever since. I am trained in Prenatal/Post-Partum/Parent & Baby Yoga through Nature’s Whisper, Belly Binding and most recently, INNATE Traditions Post-Partum Care. I relocated to San Diego, CA in 2015.


Lynsey Haynes

Lynsey is a Certified Prenatal, Postpartum Doula through Madriella. She had began attending births since very early in life on and off but started working consecutively about 4 years ago. Lynsey is a passionate about a happy and healthy life and can use her knowledge to assist pregnant women. She is a certified Nutritional Therapist with the Health Sciences Academy. She also does Placenta services and is certified with Biologix in Bloodborne Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulators which meets OSHA standards. Lynsey is educated in using various methods for labor management but completed training with Hypnobabies and is a Certified Childbirth Hypnosis Doula. Lynsey can also assist with maternity, birth, and newborn photography. She studied Photography in school for 3 years and is an award winning photographer. Lynsey is working to one day become a home birth and birth center midwife. 


Ceniza Flora-Ree

As a passionate birth worker, she supports families through the eyes of a mother who has experienced a natural birth outside of the hospital, a birth doula who empowers and strengthens the mother as she flows through the journey from maiden to mother, and as a student midwife who can interpret the medical perspective as well as offer support with natural remedies and alternatives. Ceniza has attended births at Home, Hospital, & Birthing centers and believes each individual mother should give birth wherever she feels safe. Birth is a sacred space and it is an honor to support every family as they blossom into a new season in their life.