January 2018 Events

Happy New Year Nature’s Whisper Tribe!

Check out the line up of our events popping this January!! Oh and if you are an expecting Mama we’d love to invite you out for an EARLY morning on the news. Join us in studio with CBS 8 on January 4, 2018 at 4:30 AM for a segment from 5 AM-7AM. In exchange you receive a free class, 15% off all retail, coffee, breakfast pastry. And of course showing that cute bump on the telly! Comment here if you have any questions.

Birthing From Within

January 7 @ 6:30 PM

Birthing From Within – Holistic childbirth preparation classes for pregnant women and their birth partners.

In this 4 week session learn to navigate unfamiliar territory, take risks, explore possibilities, and dive into pain coping practices as part of your Birth Preparation. This is a fun, connecting, thought provoking opportunity to meet your self, your partner and your baby, as we ask deep questions, and use the Breath to guide us on our journey within.

Charisse is deeply committed to birthing women and their families. She has a rich background in bodywork, birth doula work, storytelling, and mentoring/teaching. Charisse brings creativity, mindfulness, intuition, and compassion to the classes she mentors, and is dedicated to these practices in her own life.
Cost: $320 per couple (4 week session)

Community Acupuncture

January 5, 12, 19, 26 @ 2:30 PM

Nature’s Whisper invites you to relax, unwind and recover from your week during our community acupuncture day, every Friday from 2:30 – 5:30 pm. Acupuncture is a gentle, holistic approach to enhance self-healing. It is extremely effective in treating the complications of pregnancy and postpartum, including nausea, acid reflux, pain, lactation concerns, fatigue or even baby blues. 

Maggie Flood is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in postpartum care and pelvic pain management, in addition to being a postpartum doula. As a practitioner she promotes and emphasizes the importance of self-care in all phases of motherhood, from prenatal to postpartum, and believes that a mother’s journey for her and her baby is strengthened by her level of sustained wellness. By offering acupuncture in a shared healing space, Nature’s Whisper is able to extend the benefits of acupuncture to a busy community at an affordable rate.

This weekly event is, open to everyone, and walk-in (no appointment necessary!) Payment will be taken at the door. Wear comfortable clothing (yoga clothes are great). Bring a yoga mat and any other additional items that will make you comfortable in your own personal healing space. 30 minutes acupuncture time guaranteed.

Cost: 30$

Doulas Birth Story Circle

January 5 @ 7:30 PM

Dear Doulas, you are lovingly invited to a monthly Doula Birth Story Circle generously hosted by the centrally located Nature’s Whisper Yoga Studio.

We will hold and honor our Birth Stories (either as a doula, or our own births) for each other within a sacred container of deep listening and solution-focused questioning. Our aim is to validate each others’ experiences, and support each other in reframing those experiences from a place of wholeness. New and more experienced doulas interested in soulful sisterhood connection (and babes in arms) are welcome. 

Studio supplies (e.g. toilet paper) or small monetary donations are helpful. ALL studio donations need to be eco-friendly/recycled, non toxic and non perfumed. Thank you in advance!

Cost: FREE

Body Balancing for Pregnancy

January 14 @ 6:30 PM


Perinatal Loss Support Group

December 20 @ 4:30 PM

Perinatal Loss Support Group is a community for those who have suffered miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death and for those who experience pregnancy after loss.
In this group you will meet other bereaved parents, find hope and learn ways to heal your heart and womb through mindfulness and self care.
Cost: FREE

Meet the Doulas

January 26 @ 7:30 PM

Wondering what the big deal is about doulas? Wondering if you should get a doula? Come to our free, monthly doula event.
Meet a bunch of fabulous doulas and get to hear the birth story of some new parents who used a doula at their birth! Ask questions, hear testimony, and enjoy the company of a room full of people who care that you have the best birth experience possible.
Cost: FREE

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